Mapex T670 rumputuoli

Round Top Drum Throne. 14" x 4" Thick padded seat for extra comfort. Double braced legs. Height: 49,5cm - 64,5cm. Chrome.

With its 14” x 4” round cushioned top, the T570A throne packs premium level comfort into an economical price. The wide double-braced tripod base make it stable while the steel height adjustment tube with memory lock make it durable and secure enough for anyone.

The larger size and added cushioning of the 14” wide x 4” round seat provides a dramatic increase in comfort as young players grow and spend more time sitting behind their drums.

The 49,5cm 64,5cm to extreme height range works for all variety of body types and preferred playing positions. The double-brace legs with slip-proof rubber feet provide durability and stability.

  • 14” Wide x 4” Thick Round Cushioned Seat
  • Soft but Durable Vinyl Covering
  • Steel Tube Height Adjustment with 49,5cm 64,5cm Range and Memory Lock
  • Double-Braced Quad Legs
  • Slip-Proof Rubber Feet
99,00 €
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