Blackstar Acoustic:Core 30 Uutuus

ACOUSTIC:CORE was designed to give singer/songwriters the ability to get a professional sound without any sound engineering expertise, then share it via live streaming or recording, or live performance. All in a compact easily portable combo with the option of battery power.

Designed by the same team that developed the award winning Sonnet Acoustic Amplifier Series, ACOUSTIC:CORE is the most natural sounding acoustic tones ever with the power and flexibility of Blackstar’s world-beating CORE digital platform. This take-anywhere acoustic amp is designed for the way you play today: streaming, recording, practice or live. Its unique Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls make it simple to get a professional sound and the Super Wide Stereo will inspire your acoustic and vocal creativity

229,00 €
Tilapäisesti loppunut
Power30W (2x15W Super Wide Stereo)
Instrument ChannelY
Mic/Line ChannelY
EQ Instrument ChannelLow, High
EQ Mic/Line ChannelLow, Mid, High/td>
Instrument EnhanceY
Mic/Line Vocal ClarityY
Effects Instrument Channel2 chorus (Vintage and Wide), 2 reverb (Room and Hall) in Super Wide Stereo
Effects Mic/Line Channel2 reverb (Room and Hall) in Super Wide Stereo
Super Wide StereoY
XLR D.I. OutputY (mix)
Phase Feedback SuppressionY
Speaker Emulated outputY
Line Out / HeadphonesY
Line InY
TRRS StreamingY
USB AudioY
FootswitchFS-18 (Inst. Ch. Chorus on/off, global Reverb effect on/off)
Tilt-back StandY
PA Stand MountableY (with optional SA-2 adaptor)