Proel FOABSR4US rack case
Soveltuu loistavasti esim. Soundcraft UI-sarjan räkkimiksereille!

  • 4 unitin räkki
  • Käyttösyvyys 208mm
  • Kansissa vetoketjulliset taskut piuhoille, mikeille jne.
  • 2 kahvaa
  • Kumijalat pitävät räkin pystyssä myös kantamisen yhteydessä
  • Nerokas pinoamissysteemi
  • Hiilikuidulta näyttävä, tyylikäs pintamateriaali

19' Shallow rack case - 4U - made of 'FORCE Polyethylene'. This new model is characterized by the low depth of the body and is particularly suitable for the installation of 'low profile' electronic equipment and wireless microphone systems. This item is part of the new series of products that includes a wide range of professional cases dedicated to the field of musical instruments and stage equipment and is an integral part of PROEL brand products. The main feature of this series is represented by the 'mix' of components and polymers used, including the carbon fibre, for the realization of the panels used in the construction of the ABS cases. The result of all this is the 'FORCE Polyethylene' which combines excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering, and is at the same time very light and durable over time.

135,00 €
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