IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand Mini

Universaali mikkitelinepidike iPhonelle ja iPhone Touchille. Käy mille tahansa 3,5-6 tuuman laitteelle.

45,00 €
Varastossa / tilattavissa verkkokaupasta

It's every musician's nightmare: You're on stage. You're performing. But then something goes terribly wrong and your smartphone — which you're using to perform — suddenly crashes to the floor and its screen splinters into a million little glass pieces. It's enough to give anyone a heart attack. Now you can alleviate your fears and perform with confidence thanks to IK's new iKlip Xpand Mini. It's an adjustable smartphone holder that uses expandable grips that can hold most smartphone sizes securely. Its rubberized "Gorilla Grip" technology holds your mobile device on a microphone stand, and its ball joint design allows for infinite adjustment so you'll always have an optimal viewing angle.