MXR M80 D.I.+ Bassopedaali

M80 BASS d.i.+
CONTROLS PHANTOM/ GROUND enables Phantom Power or Ground Lift LEFT FOOTSWITCH toggles Effects on/bypass (red LED=on) RIGHT FOOTSWITCH toggles Distortion channel in/out (red LED at top of unit indicates Distortion channel active) BASS-MID-TREBLE EQ KNOBS are active when effect is on
COLOR SWITCH activates a preset EQ optimized for bass (switch depressed down)
CLEAN VOLUME and COLOR controls are active only in Clean Channel mode (Effect Footswitch on and Distortion off)
DISTORTION CHANNEL MODE (Effect and Distortion Footswitches on) provides controls for Gain to set distortion level, Blend to mix distorted/ clean signal, and Volume
GATE SWITCH and TRIGGER KNOB work interactively to provide an adjustable noise gate. With Gate active (switch depressed down), the Trigger Knob sets the noise floor threshold, or sensitivity, to cut hum and hiss from the distortion signal
• Set all controls to their middle position and set switches to their off position (all LEDs unlit).
• Run a cable from your bass to the Input jack of the Bass D.I.+ and run another cable from the Bass D.I.+ Output jack to your amplifier.
• To use the D.I. (Direct Input) function, run a balanced line (microphone cable) from the Bass D.I.+ Direct Output to your mixing board or PA input.
• Turn on the Bass D.I.+ Clean channel effect by depressing the Effect footswitch (Effect LED lit).
• Adjust the Clean Volume to the desired level, such as to match or boost your bypassed, effect off signal.
• Push in the Color switch to engage a clean preset EQ designed to color your bass tone with added punch, definition and clarity.
• Depress the Distortion footswitch to engage the Distortion channel (Distortion LED lit).
• Use the Gain control to set the amount of distortion, the Blend control to set a mix between the clean preset EQ and distortion effects, and Volume control to POWER
The MXR M80 Bass D.I. + requires a single 9 volt alkaline battery, Phantom Power from mixing board (through microphone cable) or a Dunlop ECB003 AC adapter (ECB003E in Europe) or a Dunlop DCB10 DC Brick power supply.
set the distortion channel’s output level.
• Push in the Gate switch to activate the adjustable noise gate with Smart Gate™ technology. Set the Trigger knob threshold low (counter-clockwise) to kill hum and hiss from the distortion signal while sustaining desired signals without premature, audible cutoff. To create a dynamic distortion effect, set the Trigger to higher (clockwise) Trigger threshold settings so that the gate only opens during loud passages. The Gate’s yellow status LED turns off when the gate is opened and on when the gate is closed.
• Use the Bass, Mid and Treble controls to shape Clean and Distortion effect tones.
• The Parallel Output can be used to connect to a tuner or any other parallel processing device.
• The Bass D.I.+ can be phantom-
powered through its Direct Output jack from a phantom power-
capable mixing console. Push the Phantom/Ground switch to its down position to enable phantom power or up position to ground lift the Direct Output connection and remove noisy ground loops.
Input Impedance 2.2 MΩ Output Impedance Unbalanced 150 Ω Balanced 300 Ω
Bypass Freq. Response +0/-0.5 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz Tone Controls Bass ±18 dB, 60 Hz Mid ±10 dB, 850 Hz Treble ±12 dB, 4 kHz Noise Floor* Bypass -102 dBV Clean Effect -98 dBV Distortion Effect, Gate Off -94 dBV Distortion Effect, Gate On -98 dBV
Volume Control Range 40 dB Gate Trigger Range 28 dB Sensitivity -66 dBV at 1 kHz
Bypass Buffered Current Draw 9 mA Power Supply 9

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