Yamaha DXS15 MKII -subwoofer

The Yamaha DXS15 MKII 15'' Active Subwoofer features a high-output Class-D amplifier with a huge power output of 1020W. As such, the DXS15 MKII features a marked improvement over its predecessor with the ability to deliver 3dB higher SPL, as well as a 5Hz lower extended LF response. Providing precise low frequency reproduction, the DXS15 MKII ensures exceptional clarity with minimal distortion, whilst the D-XSUB DSP processing gives access to 3 modes for fine-tuning the sound of your subwoofer. As well as an intuitive DSP processor, the DXS15 MKII also features a Cardiod bass-management function for sub-arrays with a minimum of two subs, as well as a selectable cross-over for perfectly matching up with DSR, DXR, and DBR series speakers. Two pole sockets (1 x M20 and 1 x 35mm) alongside an intuitive amplifier interface and powerful bass reproduction ensure that the DXS15 MKII is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications.

High-Performance Low-Frequency Reproduction

With an extended LF response down to 40Hz, the Yamaha DXS15 MKII stretches down an extra 5Hz compared to it's predecessor, as well as an additional 3dB higher SPL. The DXS15 MKII delivers rich, warm, and balanced low end with minimal distortion at high output levels. The powerful 15'' woofer features a 2.5'' voice coil delivering exceptional definition, whilst the selectable cross-over (selectable between 80Hz, 100Hz, and 120Hz) allows you to perfectly match your subwoofer to Yamaha's DSR, DXR, and DBR series of speakers. Housed inside a band-pass style plywood enclosure, the DXS15 MKII is equipped with a Class-D high-output 1020W amplifier with precision damping. As well as an impressive power output, the unit features a 'Cardioid' function, providing you with an intelligent bass management system for subwoofer arrays with a minimum of two subs. The DXS15 MKII also utilises D-XSUB DSP processing with three powerful response modes (NORMAL, BOOST, and XTENDED LF). Packed with an array of intelligent and versatile features, the intuitive design of the DXS15 MKII ensures precise, thunderous bass reproduction and management.

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  • Upgraded and improved high-output Class-D 1020W amplifier with precision damping
  • Powerful 15'' low-frequency woofer with a 2.5'' voice coil
  • Delivers 3dB higher sound pressure levels and 5Hz lower LF response compared to its predecessor
  • Band-pass subwoofer with a rugged precision-engineered plywood enclosure
  • Extended low frequency response from 40Hz to 150Hz
  • D-XSUB DSP processing -
    • NORMAL: Ideal linear frequency response
    • BOOST: Tight and focused bass reproduction
    • XTENDED LF: Enhanced low end
  • Selectable cross-over - 80Hz, 100Hz, or 120Hz
  • 2 x pole sockets - 1 x M20, and 1 x 35mm
  • Cardioid bass-management system that reduces the SPL towards the stage, whilst increasing the SPL to the audience (for subwoofer arrays with a minimum of 2 subwoofers)
  • Optional speaker covers and wheel kits available separately (not included)


  • Speaker Type: 15'' Powered/Active Subwoofer, Band-Pass Type
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 150Hz
  • Woofer: 15''
  • Voice Coil: 2.5''
  • Amplifier: Class-D
  • Output Power: 1020W (Dynamic)
  • Maximum Output Level: 135dB
  • Processors: D-XSUB DSP - Boost Mode, Xtended LF Mode, Normal Mode
  • Pole Socket:
    • 1 x M20
    • 1 x 35mm
  • Enclosure: Plywood
  • Weight: 36kg