Audix Cab Grabber XL
  • Audix Cab Grabber XL
  • Audix Cab Grabber XL

Kompakti mikrofoniteline kitarakaapeille ja -komboille. 14"-20"

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Kompakti mikkipidike kitarakaapeille ja -komboille. Toimii jousella ja pitää mikin tukevasti paikallaan halutussa kohdassa. 14"-20" syvyisille kaapeille ja komboille.

The CabGrabber XL is a tensionfit microphone holder that clamps on to most combo amps or cabinets between 14"-20" in depth. Can be used with any microphone weighing up to 16 oz.


  • An innovative miking solution for guitar amps and cabinets
  • Allows for precise positioning
  • Simple, elegant, compact and easy to use 
  • No tools required 
  • Adjustable, tension held 
  • Mic arm hand tightens firmly into position 
  • Holds mics weighing up to 1 pound (.45 Kilos) 
  • Works on cabinets with flat or recessed edge 
  • Clamps to side or top of cabinet  
  • Durable steel construction