Advance Gaffa AT200 kangasteippi 50m (Musta)

Mattapintainen, musta kangasteippi.

13,00 €
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  • Ultra matt finish - minimises light flare and reflection
  • Flame retardant in situ - safe to use on stages and stadia where fire is an issue
  • Cable friendly adhesive - peels clean from cables and most other surfaces
  • Very easy tear
  • Writable surface
  • Wide colour range


  • Colour coding on lighting and mixing desks
  • Securing and bundling of cabling


Product Type: Cloth
Thickness: 0.26mm
Breaking Load: 40 N/cm
Elongation: 20%
Adhesion to Steel: 4.5 N/cm
Adhesion to Self: 2.6 N/cm
Faced Side: -
Unfaced Side: -
Service Temp: -10°C to +80°C
Max Service Temp: -
Breakdown Voltage: -
RoHS Compliant: Yes