MOOER Mod Factory modulaatio pedaali

MOOER Mod Factory modulaatio pedaali
11klassista modulaatioefektiä minikoossa.

Collected 11 kinds of classic modulation effect Using 32bit high performance DSP chip

Each tone is comparable with other pedals' tone

Full metal shell

Very small and exquisite

True bypass

DC 9V Adapter power supply

Input : 1/ 4”monaur al jack (impedance: 470k Ohms )

Output : 1/ 4”monaur al jack (impedance: 100 Ohms)

Power Requirement s: AC adapter 9 V DC (center minus plug)

Current D raw:128 mA

Dimensions: 93. 5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H)

Weight : 170g

Accessories: Owner 's Manual

75,00 €
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